Spiritual Art by

Roland Frey

Soul, Body & Mind

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Deep dive – spiritual art

The oeuvre with spiritual themes is composed of 46 paintings. They are of oils and tempera created in the years 1960 and 1970.

Paintings in oils are the royal discipline in art. There are no rules, yet it is based on the impression. Roland Frey commands a perfect style in the most unequal degrees. He expresses very special forms and surprising motives. This is the professionalism of the painter – without having name and fame (at lifetime).

The combination of his spiritual studies an the gifted competence / capability enabled him to bridge the gap: From worldly existence to godly being. He achieved to transfer his vision into the world of our human senses.

Shown in the theme taken is the cycle of spiritual of existence: From the source back to the source through uncountable incarnations.

Only very few persons did see his creations so far. They called him to be the painter of the light in a double sense.

Feedback and remarks

Over the years, the artist occasionally presented all paintings to an interested audience, both privately and publicly and he also commented on the content. On these occasions he heared remarks and like:



  • Unique, extraordinary, amazing, encompassing, comprehensive, touching
  • this has to do with the cycle of human being and becoming
  • it stimulates to linger and reflect
  • it brought me insights and knowledge
  • The love of the highest creator is felt
  • the terms body, mind and soul are excellently presented
  • It expands the consciousness
  • the use of symbolism stored in us leads to“Aha-experiences“
  • In excellent presentation of the cycle „from the source back to the source“
  • Your technique of painting is in a great tradition
  • Your representation of the Light: outstanding
  • Man, his illusionary and true world
  • Metaphysical and spiritual messages can be experienced with the heart
  • The wisdom of the Holy Scriptures are nicely depicted
  • Stimulating for meditation